Valley Joins Mary’s Place Community Day with NAIOP

What brings you and Valley out here today?

Well, this is our annual community enhancement event. And this year, we’re doing a complete makeover of Mary’s place, which provides transitional housing for people that are trying to come out from a homeless condition and into the workforce and get some permanent housing. We’ve got over 450 people here today. The community enhancement program brings architects, contractors, subcontractors, engineers, and even developers come out for this wonderful day of giving back to the community.

How’s Valley helping out with this project?

We have about two dozen different leadership groups and projects throughout the day today, each team has a captain. Some of the projects are more skilled, where there’s some carpentry involved or some actual construction involved. So they’ll usually bring some people from within their organization that have that skill set. But in addition to that, out of the 450 people or so, that are here today, 200 to 250 are unskilled, some siblings, some children, and so we get them involved with doing some light landscaping, some painting, some planting and they just have a lot of fun. That’s one of the highlights I think I enjoy the most is seeing the children out here and the fun that they’re having, making this a better place.

How often does Valley support events like this and what sorts of projects are you taking on today?

Valley Electric supports a number of local charity events throughout the year. This is one of the major events that Valley Electric supported. They’ve supported it since I’ve been on board with Valley. We did do some electrical projects here this year we usually get appointed the electrical work. I don’t know why but that seems to happen every year.

This year we went ahead and we put some new outlets in the kitchen area, where they’re going to put some new cabinets. We also put some solar parking lot lighting in to give them some better lighting levels in the evening hours and throughout the night in the early morning. So primarily we do those this year.

After we did finish those electrical projects. Our team is involved in removing a number of blackberry and blueberry bushes. It’s going to create a wonderful garden picnic area in the back of the main facility. And also some of our team members are actually building the benches that are going to go into that little park area. So a lot of times we will have some primary electrical projects, but our team also gets involved in other work as well.

How many years have you guys been doing this?

Valley’s been doing this for five years. They’ve been a wonderful supporter. And I really appreciate Jeret Garcia and the key executive management staff from Valley that support this project on an annual basis. And Jeret couldn’t make it this year. But we have had him out in the years prior and it’s always great to have him as my apprentice for the day.


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