Valley Electric has a long history of success in serving our clients. Our long list of repeat clients reflects our culture of collaboration and team-building evident of our client-centric focus. This success parallels the way we approach our business operations.  We understand the importance of delivering exceptional service as each project has special needs and considerations to their owner, developer, builder, and end-user.  Our goal is to listen, communicate, collaborate and support the design and/or construction effort with the most efficient, cost-effective, creative, and functional solutions possible. The result of this interactive process is building a quality project that meets our client’s needs and expectations.

We work hard to accomplish this. As a full service electrical contractor, we offer our expertise in a multitude of ways to ensure a quality product. From project start to finish, pre-construction services to proactive predictive maintenance, we have the expertise and resources to execute your work.  In short, Valley is your one-stop, electrical service provider.

Services We Provide:

Electrical Construction

  • Large Projects
  • Special Projects / TI’s
  • Prefabrication

Preconstruction Services

  • Budgeting
  • Design-Build / Design-Assist
  • Design Engineering
  • Virtual Construction

Low Voltage Installation | Energy Management

24/7 Electrical Service



We specialize in a variety of negotiated and lump sum procurement models.  As an integral team member, we understand collaborative service and support to our clients.  We execute a variety of negotiated and alternative delivery methods.  This includes validation, budgeting, design-build, design-assist and ECCM delivery.  We also execute lump sum bidding as a specialty and/or prime contractor.  Lump sum bidding keeps our pencils sharp with the most current labor units and material costs.



We are known for our advanced lean construction techniques through the use of our BIM Technology and Prefabrication Facility.  The use of prefabricated and pre-assembled electrical components can give substantial cost savings, schedule reduction, risk mitigation, quality improvement and repetition of work in a controlled environment.



We perform low voltage construction including energy management, fire alarm, and security installations.



We provide 24 hours, 7 days a week service support and consultation when you need us the most. We are able to support you with any emergency, specialized project, from small work to the ongoing equipment maintenance and operation.

Valley Electric also offers clients proactive predictive maintenance, periodic maintenance programs that ultimately reduce cost and demands, while maintaining stringent quality measures.  We execute routine and emergency maintenance of electrical power systems and equipment.

You can contact our 24-hour electrical service and maintenance department at 1.888.424.7730.


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