WSDOT Washington State Route 519, Phase 2

The Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) constructed improvements to State Route 519 (SR 519) in Seattle as Phase 2 of the SR 519 Intermodal Access Project. The project would include three components: A proposed new Interstate 90 (I-90) off-ramp to South Atlantic Street (I-90 off-ramp).  A proposed new South Royal Brougham Way railroad overpass (BNSF Railway overpass). Roadway widening along the existing South Atlantic Street east of First Avenue South and improvements to the intersection of First Avenue South and South Atlantic Street SR 519 is an important thoroughfare for cars, trucks, and pedestrians in Seattle’s South of Downtown (SODO) district. In 2004, WSDOT opened Phase 1 of the SR 519 project, consisting of the South Atlantic Street overpass (Edgar Martinez Drive) and a new on-ramp from South Atlantic Street to I-5 and I-90. The Proposed Action (SR 519 Intermodal Access Project – Phase 2: South Atlantic Corridor) would complete the SR 519 project by providing a direct westbound connection from the I-5/I-90 freeway system to the Seattle waterfront and Port of Seattle. Currently, westbound traffic from the freeway exits at Fourth Avenue South and follows a circuitous route to South Atlantic Street to cross safely over the BNSF Railway tracks located just east of Safeco Field and Qwest Field. Vehicular and pedestrian traffic on South Royal Brougham Way must use an at-grade railroad crossing. New SR 519 Intermodal Access Project – Phase 2 Public Services and Utilities Technical Memorandum Page ixFebruary 2008 roadway structures are needed to allow vehicles and pedestrians to reach their destinations safely, quickly, and directly. The Proposed Action would connect the existing westbound off-ramp from I-5 and I-90 to the current South Atlantic Street overpass, and it would construct improvements at the intersection of First Avenue South and South Atlantic Street and widen South Atlantic Street to accommodate traffic along this new route. A grade-separated crossing over the railroad tracks at South Royal Brougham Way would also be built. This project would increase traffic mobility and safety by improving connections between Interstates 5 and 90 and Port of Seattle terminals, the Washington State Ferries terminal at Colman Dock, waterfront commercial interests, and the stadium area. The project would also allow people to walk more safely to and from the stadium area.


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