South Terminal Expansion Project (STEPS) – Concourse A and Main Terminal

Valley Electric was the prime electrical contractor for the $375 million South Terminal Expansion Project, known as STEP.  This project includes the addition of seven new aircraft gates and provides 14 gates on Concourse A. It also features moving walkways, four retail stores, nine food concessions, new baggage handling system, loading dock, auditorium and airline offices.  This project doubles the length and width of the existing concourse and also includes completed infrastructure work, new electrical feeders, a reconfigured Air Cargo Road, and relocated airfield security gates and utilities.  The project also featured the construction of a new pedestrian bridge from the South Terminal to an existing parking garage, the re-grading and expansion of the South Ground Transportation Lot, improvements to the existing landscaping and the remodel of the ticketing and check-in at main terminal.

The South Terminal Expansion Project (STEP) added several new amenities onto the existing SeaTac terminal.  To ensure the original terminal and its operations could still run efficiently throughout construction, Valley worked with the Port of Seattle Aviation Project Management Group (AV/PMG). The project included programming revisions for security increases after the terrorist attacks of 2001, ensuring the proper contrast and legibility of new signage, building new parking facilities and pedestrian bridges, and installing new electrical feeders, gates, moving walkways, baggage systems, airline offices, and food concessions.


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