UW Nanoengineering & Sciences Building

The Nanoengineering & Sciences Building (NanES) project consists of a new, approximately 78,000 gross SF, 6-story building adjacent and connected to the existing Molecular Engineering and Sciences Building (MolES) on the University of Washington Seattle campus. The NanES is physically connected to the length of the north side of the existing occupied MolES. Construction sequencing and coordination expertise is critical to minimize disruption to the research conducted in the MolES and impact to surrounding buildings. Coordination and site logistics planning with both Stevens Way to the west and Grant Lane to the north is well planned. Code compliant access and egress to the MolES must be maintained during all times of the project. The project is designed with the goal to achieve Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Silver certification or higher.

  • The site is located in the science core of the UW campus, which is “quiet” in terms of vibration and EMI.
  • The assignable square footage (ASF) of research space in the new building is approximately the same as the required ASF for current and projected growth in nanoengineering research activities.
  • The ground floor accommodates the vibration-sensitive instrumentation and integrates with the Molecular Analysis Facility in MolES.
  • The first floor contains classroom and teaching spaces to complement the research activities in MolES, leading to increased collaboration in research and teaching.


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