US Federal Courthouse

The United States Federal Courthouse is a $150 million complex at Seventh Avenue and Stewart Street in Seattle.  This 24-story high-rise has 18 courtrooms, 22 judges’ chambers, office administration, a U.S. Marshal Service office and a law library. This project addresses perimeter security design challenges with the use of a one-acre landscaped public area running the length of Seventh Avenue. This area provides open space as well as a barrier that prevents vehicles from getting near the building. 2-foot high concrete bollards will encompass the site, inhibiting vehicle access.

The courthouse incorporates an innovative fortified floor design using embedded cables for emergency support, in case a supporting column is destroyed.  To handle an earthquake, the building has a large diameter, concrete-filled steel pipe columns and steel plate shear walls.

Valley’s electrical responsibility included:

  • Complete electrical service and distribution systems throughout the entire building
  • Electrical wiring of natural ventilation system via the building management system, which entailed controlling and monitoring operable windows to allow outside air to cool building
  • Building fire alarm and security systems
  • Voice and data cabling


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