King County Regional Justice Center

Complete development and construction of a justice center complex consisting of a five-level courthouse, 14 two-level housing units, a two-level detention support structure, a three-level parking structure with 600 spaces, and various support buildings and areas on an 18.7-acre site.

The courthouse structure contains 23 courtrooms and a number of general office spaces. It was constructed over pilings with an exterior of brick, precast concrete and aluminum-framed windows. The detention housing units will hold 64 cells per unit in a two-level configuration. The cells surround an open two-story day room which opens onto each unit’s outdoor exercise area.

A three-level, 120,000 square foot parking garage with post-tensioned concrete accommodates 600 vehicles. There is also a support building with medical clinics, food service areas, and various support spaces and a central plant, which provides mechanical and electrical services to the entire facility.


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