Factoria Transfer Station

The Factoria Recycling and Transfer Station is located on a 7.8-acre parcel in a light industrial area approximately one half mile north of Interstate 90 and one half mile east of Interstate 405. Customers access the facility via Southeast 32nd Street, off Richards Road. The King County Solid Waste Division recently purchased an additional two acres northwest of the Factoria station to provide a total of 9.8 acres for the project. There are two warehouse buildings currently located on the additional two-acre parcel which will be deconstructed as part of the project.

Factoria Transfer Station was completed in four phases. The project team demolished multiple on-site buildings and then construct 14 deep dewatering wells, a 1.5-million-gallon detention vault, a waste transfer building, hazardous waste building, and maintenance and operations area, and will involve extensive site work and landscaping.


The new station includes many improvements such as:

  • A new recycling collection area for items such as yard waste, clean wood, appliances and scrap metal
  • More efficient household hazardous waste collection
  • An enclosed solid waste transfer building, with adequate roof clearance, that will minimize noise, dust and odors
  • A garbage compactor that will improve the efficiency of payloads and decrease the number of transfer trailer trucks trips required to and from the station
  • Sustainable building design features that will improve energy efficiency and result in lower life cycle costs than a conventional building design

The 33 month project will be completed in June 2017.

The project is pursuing LEED® Gold certification.


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