Brightwater WWTP

The Brightwater TPS/OC Facilities project consisted of electrical and instrumentation for the solid streams side of the grassroots 40 million gallons per day advanced wastewater treatment facility. The project included work in solids handling, digester complex, energy and three odor control buildings. Project featured 15 kV primary distribution switchgear, substations and cabling as well as a 480 V critical load standby power system for entire site. Work also included the installation of instruments, the calibration, component and loop testing and start-up assistance to County DCS supplier.

The plant features a fire alarm system and security system, as well as an on-site utility substation for which Valley installed the underground conduit and grounding.

Key Features:

  • Solids handling
  • Digester complex
  • Energy
  • Three odor control buildings


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