Boeing 40-27 Building

This 350,000 square foot assembly building project is attached to the south side of the existing 40-37 Building.  This fast pace project was completed in one year.  Project included a substantial electrical distribution system, power for automated assembly line as well as permanent tooling.  This building included 120,000 square feet of office space spread out between two 3-story towers.

Boeing 40-27 featured 1000 ft. of 12.47KV ductbank (installed in occupied parking lots and across heavily traveled roadways) and 6 double-ended 12.47KV Substations providing primary power to the building. Construction started August 2014 with milestone (JOD-Joint Occupancy Dates) turnover dates of 3/27/15, 6/17/2015 and 8/3/2015 where the factory floor areas were turned over to the owner in 1/3rds starting at the north, working south. Continued into late 2015 with additional support scopes of work, temporary tooling and temporary aircraft assembly support work. Construction further continued into 2016 where permanent tooling and FAUB Assembly Connections were made as Owner provided 777 assembly equipment arrived and installed.


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