Arbor Heights Elementary School

An 89,000-square-foot replacement of the old Arbor Heights Elementary School in West Seattle. It will accommodate 660 K-5 students studying the Environmental Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (E-STEM) program.

The structural steel building will be divided into four small learning communities with classrooms surrounding an open, shared learning area and an Idea Lab. The learning communities are designed to promote individual and group teaching, and enable hands-on and project-based learning.

Building details include concrete spread footings and stem walls, metal stud walls, masonry veneer and fiber cement rainscreen cladding, fiberglass windows and a built-up roof. Site development will build natural turf ball fields, play areas, landscaping and new curbs and sidewalks.

The old 56,000-square-foot Arbor Heights school was demolished this fall as part of a site improvements phase that installed storm utilities, dug a mass excavation and graded the pads for the new building.


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