Seattle Justice Center

“A challenging three phased project involving demolition of a former municipal building, extensive collaboration among multiple stakeholders, and complex design approvals to design and construct a new justice center, city hall and open space plaza on two blocks in downtown Seattle. The Seattle Justice Center is a 14-story building that uniquely integrates Seattle’s Municipal Courthouse with a Police Headquarters while clearly defining identities within the same structure. Seattle’s City Hall houses offices and chambers for the Mayor, City Council, City Attorney and other City functions. Completing the project was the City Hall Plaza with a watercourse that runs through the City Hall lobby, and cascades alongside the Grand Stair to the plaza below providing a dynamic public open space for gathering. The project included a significant public art program that fully integrated artwork in the buildings and site. The Justice Center is LEED Silver Certified and City Hall is LEED Gold Certified, the first City Hall in the U.S. to achieve such status. Aligning with the City Hall across Fifth Avenue, larger public gathering spaces are located along the southern edge of the site, while office spaces are located on the north. The courts portion of the building is set back to create a plaza, steps and landscaping that reflect the public nature of the judicial function of the building, inviting people inside. The courts entry is located off the plaza, highlighted by flags, steps and a water feature fronting Fifth Avenue. In addition to these features, the public space will feature works of public art. The police entry, also off Fifth Avenue, is smaller and more discrete, marked with an entry canopy.”

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Seattle Justice Center






City of Seattle

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Hoffman Construction

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Lump Sum




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