ConstructDiversity is a not for profit foundation formed in 2020 by 12 local, Seattle based companies. Our mission is to promote racial and gender diversity within construction and related businesses in the Greater Puget Sound Region of Western Washington.

The goal is to expose minority and disadvantaged high school students to the various career paths that exist in our mutual businesses.  Providing mentoring, internships, and scholarship money as they progress from high school into college or trade school.

Construction and its related businesses have historically been predominately managed, run, and owned by white males. We recognize the need to open opportunities that exist within our businesses to people of color and promote gender diversity at the same time.

ConstructDiversity consists of a group that includes local Architects, Engineers, General Contractors, Electrical Contractors, Electrical Material Suppliers, i.e. Electrical Distributors, Manufacturer Representatives, and a Financial Planning/Money Management Firm.

We believe giving minority high school students visibility to what careers are available to them and showing them that they are welcome, wanted, and needed in these environments, that we can instill hope, trust, desire, and focus with regard to pursuing these various career paths while giving incentive to stay in high school and progress toward college or trade school.

We agree that inclusion is the foundation of diversity and that activism is great but action with vision, purpose, goals, and implementation facilitates lasting change.

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