Post Point Wastewater Treatment Plant - Bellingham, WA

In 1974, Bellingham replaced the Whatcom Creek treatment plant with the Post Point Wastewater Treatment Plant at the foot of Harris Avenue. The Post Point Wastewater Treatment Plant began providing primary treatment for up to a peak flow of 55 mgd (million gallons per day) for the area’s sewered population. In addition, the City’s wastewater flows into the plant from over 250 miles of sewer collection mains located in Bellingham and the surrounding community. Septic tank waste is also collected from private homes throughout Whatcom County and brought to the plant for treatment.

In 1993, Post Point was upgraded to include secondary treatment at a cost of $55 million. This upgrade to secondary treatment increased contamination removal to 95% before releasing it into Bellingham Bay.

The City’s adopted Comprehensive Sewer Plan identifies the need for additional wastewater treatment capacity at the Post Point Plant. A Facilities Planning Process began in late 2009 with a target date in 2011 to complete the plan. Construction is expected to be completed in 2014.